Why We Exist

Riding areas are under pressure from forestry, property developers, other recreational users, and more. Without a strong and organized club, we stand to loose riding areas, and/or our access to them.

We have a great trail network, and our mandate strives to protect it, and see it further developed in a sustainable manner.

Sponsorship Information

We’re looking for sponsors to help us elevate the abilities and successes of our Club. Perhaps you, or your business, can be of assistance?

  • Become a Corporate Sponsor with cash or in-kind donations of $500 or more. Become a General Sponsor with cash or in-kind donations above $200. Corporate and General Sponsors will receive both website and social media recognition!
  • Do you have potentially helpful professional services to offer to the club? A lawyer for official club business would be a great sponsorship. We’ll happily represent you or your firm on our website with the other sponsors. Perhaps a little accountant mentoring so we are running like a tiny flagship organization? Copywriter? Graphic Designer? Geographic Information Systems? The ideas are endless!

Please reach out to us if you are interested in seeing what we can do together.

Our Official Mandate

Our mandate expresses our priorities, and we have a great collection of people helping to keep moving things forward.

  • To organize the maintenance and growth of our trail network in a sustainable way for current and future generations of riders.
  • To promote the responsible practices of riding motorcycles off-road.
  • To provide off-road motorcyclists with a sizeable and well-maintained trail network which caters to the interests of beginner through expert riders.
  • To represent off-road motorcycle riders from the Vernon area and to express our collective interests to government, their agencies, local industry, and other recreational land users.
  • To organize group rides (both novice & advanced), family fun days and kid rides, and sanctioned races.

All members are welcome to attend our meetings. Following us on Facebook is currently the best way to receive meeting notifications.

Riding Etiquette

Your personal safety is important, as is the safety of other people in the area. And, let’s remember that we are all ambassadors for the sport, and that the way we conduct ourselves will have a lot to do with where we can ride.

  • Always ride with a helmet, suitable boots, gloves, and hopefully a whole lot more armour. PPE is cool.
  • Always ride in a safe controlled manner. Keep in mind you never know what is around that corner.
  • Ensure that the bike you ride is registered. Unregistered bikes are liabilities for other trail users. Pester your buddy who is not registered.
  • Less sound = More Ground. Repack your muffler regularly and have a spark arrestor to assist in the prevention of forest fires. Noise is still the number one complaint about motorcycles.
  • Take out all your garbage with you. If you see trail trash, be a champ and bring it home in your pack.
  • Respect other trail users. Slow down or pull to the side and let them pass.
  • Respect private property and keep out. People going a bit too far are putting a lot of pressure on the club and our attempts to show that we can behave out there.
  • If you open a gate, close it behind you. Some of the riding areas include cattle leases. A gate left open can cause a lot of grief.
  • Respect the environment and do not disturb flora and fauna. Stay on the trails. Be sensitive to wet areas and don’t go ripping things up.
  • Report any suspicious or illegal activities immediately to the RCMP or police. Some dodgy stuff happens in our riding areas, and that’s not so cool.