About the Vernon Off Road Motorcycle Club

Riding Area Development and Preservation

Off road riding areas are under pressure. We all know riding areas that have been closed to off road users caused by misuse, noise and environmental complaints property development.

The VOMC’s mandate is to:

  • Promote the responsible practice of our sport to ensure that our sport can exist and grow.
  • Keep our riding area free of any cost charges and fees.
  • Educate the public and the trail users about the current regulations and restrictions.
  • Represent dirtbike riders from the Vernon area and preserve their interests to local governments, their agencies, industry, and other recreational land users.
  • Organize fun events and sanctioned races to promote the sport.
  • Organize the maintenance and growth of our trail network in a sustainable way for current and future generations of riders.

Off Road Riding Etiquette

Let’s remember that we’re all ambassadors for the sport, and the way we conduct ourselves will have a lot to do with where we can ride.

  • Wear a helmet and proper protective equipment. Always ride in a safe controlled manner.
  • Ensure that the bike you ride is registered.
  • Less sound = More Ground. Repack your muffler regularly and have a spark arrestor to assist in the prevention of forest fires. Noise is still the number one complaint about motorcycles.
  • Keep the area clean. Take out all your garbage with you.
  • Join a club or an organization that supports off-road dirt biking.
  • Respect other trail users. Slow down or pull to the side and let them pass.
  • Respect Private Property. If you open a gate, close it behind you.
  • Respect the environment and do not disturb flora and fauna. Be sensitive to wet areas and heavy rain.
  • Report any suspicious or illegal activities immediately to the RCMP or police


VOMC club meeting minutes

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